Tell us about the wonderful experience you had at one of our workshops, performances or events.

Quotes I think that the horizon theatre is a good place for youth to express their emotions in a healthy way. It is also a place to increase children's love for acting and performing. :) THANKS Quotes
Youth participant

Quotes I have been training about things like stage and behind the scenes at Horizon. I love the Drama, puppetry and acting the professional actors to and glad they are training me because they want me to participate. Horizon have also helped me connect with my community through design and artwork they have inspired me to create. Thanks for the resources you have given me Jason, Maddy and all the crew, looking forward to our next presentation and the disability expo. Quotes
I'm participating

Quotes Harmony Day Workshop. This workshop was fantastic, i had a great time, learned a lot and made some great friends. The people teaching us were welcoming and talented. I had a truly great time. 2 Thumbs up :) Quotes
Kodeira Backhouse

Quotes Thanks for letting me drop in and see the great place you have, would be good to have it bigger but you have done a good job with utilising it. Well done!! Quotes
What a great place o go

Quotes I recommend children to come to have fun with the puppets and show enthusiasm in their talent with acting. Its great to connect! Quotes
Connecting with Art

Quotes I had the pleasure to experience drama from a most enthusiastic person and teacher that is Maddy, I had the opportunity of experience the feeling of what it is like to feel alive and been able to show it!!! She is able to tap to that special place that we all have, but not many of us is able to know how to get there .... and that is called personal creativity. Very positive experience for me. If i had the chance, i will do more work with Horizon. They are doing much more than teaching drama. They are an inspiration!!! I felt very honered to be part of Horizon's drama workshop. Quotes
Maria Mattia
satisfied participant

Quotes This is the place that you can call home, the stage that gives you reward for being there for the community and makes you feel a part of it. A great environment to learn how to love the little things in life that are the most important one. Performing for and with Horizon has given me new horizons. Thank you! Quotes
Love and puppetry

Quotes Horizon is a great place to work and have fun to learn about puppets and acting and there is good people to meet and to work there. I should know that I've been there, my brothers been there, my husbands been there and my brother in law works there now. It is a great place to be!! Quotes

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